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By MariaJose Fernandez

The last year of college is a rollercoaster of emotions. There is this excitement of being so close to fulfilling another goal in your life, uncertainty about what will happen next and nostalgia for remembering all the fun experiences lived throughout those four years of college.

To reflect on the dedication and hard work of students, The Buccaneer highlighted the experience of four seniors who have enjoyed and worked hard throughout their years at Barry.

Karly Perez, Advertising and PR. Photo credit to Ajda Bukovec.

As a senior majoring in advertising in public relations, she says this generation of seniors are “warriors” as the COVID era made students stronger and more aware of our surroundings.

“I feel like with this generation of seniors, we have a sense of being a little more creative, have a little more of the warmth compared to others. I feel like Barry has made me realize my worth and grow stronger as the years go by,” she said.

During her time at Barry, Perez learned to push herself out of her comfort zone and work hard to be noticed for her talent. In the future, she hopes to work in advertising for her current job, Starbucks.

“I hope to see myself still working for Starbucks, but for the higher ups and moving now and starting my life and being who I am,” said Perez.

Mia Alvarez, Criminology. Photo credit to Ajda Bukovec.

As a senior majoring in criminology, she has gained a deeper passion for her cause and the perseverance to reach her goals. From a young age, Alvarez always admired the field of law, criminal justice, and the science of criminology. With all her experiences and what she learned at Barry, she longs to work to serve others, especially the youngest.

“I'm super proud of just making it, just doing it. And it's been a struggle. It's been hard sometimes, but I'm very glad that I put myself through college and I'm almost done. I really hope to be doing what I love and that's working with children,” said Alvarez. “I love—absolutely love—working with kids. And if I could figure out my life, I would love to help others lives really need it.

Laura Blanco, TV and Digital Media. Photo credit to Ajda Bukovec.

Laura Blanco, a senior majoring in TV and Digital Media with a minor in journalism, is savoring how meaningful graduation will be for her. Her degree highlights her determination, and the love and support of all her family by helping her become a first-generation college graduate from her family.

“I feel like when I cross the stage next year, it's me but it's also my mom, my dad, my abuelos, my abuelas, everybody at the same time,” she said.

Blanco is a sports enthusiast, so she plans to work for ESPN in the future and that during her time in Barry she has had the right guidance to feel comfortable doing what she likes.

“I feel like Barry has shaped me to become a prepared professional. Throughout this time, I've called myself a student journalist because I've been able to cover a lot of stories and do interviews,” she said.

Clara Versier, Biology. Photo credit to Ajda Bukovec.

Clara Versier is an international student from France majoring in biology. Being a student athlete for the tennis team at Barry has shaped her positively in so many aspects of her life.

“I gained so much experience, so many people taught me a lot. I'm way more mature now and I'm happy about my journey,” Versier said. “Barry has the best tennis team from Division 2. It has shaped me to become more confident. Being part of such a successful team during the last four years feels awesome."

After graduation, her plan is to go to pharmacy school and work to treat those underprivileged.

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