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YouTube University

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

By Amanda Gonzalez Garcia

If there is something we cannot answer or are unsure of, we quickly reference to Google for some assistance. YouTube is not so different.

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Since 2005, the YouTube library has been growing and now houses millions of videos on just about anything. You can learn new recipes, how to solve math problems, and watch music videos and vlogs from an array of individuals.

Consequently, the platform has now affectionately been called YouTube University. But is it possible to really learn a skill on YouTube? The answer is yes.

For junior advertising and public relations major, Willima “Billy” Nguyen, she benefits from YouTube as it relates to her major.

“There are lots of great Abode program tutorials on YouTube for any type of level. Some professors even incorporate YouTube videos into lectures to provide more explanation on a topic,” said Nguyen.

Here are a few channels that Barry students use to supplement what they learn in the classroom.

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Who does not enjoy a Crash Course?

With a total video viewing of 1.6 billion, John and Hank Green really knew what they were doing when starting their one-stop shop for video breakdowns of any problems you have in your courses. This educational channel offers help across all subjects like math, history, science, anatomy, and more.

What about Khan Academy?

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Khan Academy is another free resource with for students and anyone who need a bit of tutoring. With different subject for kids, Spanish speakers, teachers, and more, Khan Academy was founded by 2008 by Salman Khan and boasts 7.84 million subscribers on YouTube. While it has its own website, it uses YouTube for added viewership and promotion. College students can take advantage of Khan Academy online for math, engineering, chemistry, economics, and even test prep for exams like the MCAT.

Did someone say TED?

Another big titan of YouTube is the TED channel. TED is committed to sharing innovative ideas from science to business to global issues. TED, a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, “usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less),” launched back in the ‘80s but thanks to its YouTube presence is now a household name across colleges.

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With a world class of speakers in all areas of expertise, students can be sure to benefit from all wisdom shared. TED even has talks in in more than 100 languages.

At the TED YouTube Channel, you can even find the TEDx talks held at universities around the world.

While these platforms do not entirely substitute the in-person experience of being in a classroom, the variety of materials that can be accessed in a few taps of your fingertips can certainly help you in learning a new skill or reinforcing a current hobby.

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